On the other side of the horizon, in the silences of night, darkness is fashioned into dawn. Likewise, in the hushed horizons of my heart, God takes my darkness, or my regrettable errors, or my sighs and sorrows, and fashions them into blessing, into beatitude. It is as if my darkness is a workshop in which artisanal light is formed by a master craftsman who shapes molten metal into a glimmer of gold, a malleable heart into glimmers of grace.

In this workshop of the heart, the meek are fashioned into heirs. Those who have poured themselves out in mercy behold mercy. Those who sorrow find solace. It is a workshop of blessing, of beatitude, of light created by the artisan who first created light from darkness.

It is hard to know in the moment of darkness that light is being crafted. It can be hard to recognize the Spirit over the face of the deep. And yet the One who first created, still creates. God still takes the poor in spirit and says, “Blessed are they . . .” God still takes those who are persecuted and says, “Blessed are you . . .”

Those who are signed with the artisan’s mark—the sign of the cross—are filled with the light and behold the light of beatitude in others. Together, may we let our blessing shine so that others may behold the One who is the source of all beatitude.

In the workshop of our daily lives, light is fashioned, beatitude is born.

Sr. Elisabeth Meadows

Elisabeth Meadows, OSB, is a member of Sacred Heart Monastery in Cullman, Alabama.