Bethany Ministry

The Bethany Ministry is comprised of teams of volunteers who offer their service of providing food around funeral arrangements. Members try to provide a sense of calm and support of community during the loss of a loved one.  In a parishioner’s time of grieving, the Bethany Ministry is able to take the stress off the family’s shoulders in one small area with feeding guests at the wake or funeral.

As a continuation of the Bethany Ministry, the Liaison Team also provides follow up contact with the family. This team provides cards, prayers, phone calls along with a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen if needed.

The funeral homes contact Holy Cross when one of our parishioners has a death in their family, then the Bethany Ministry is contacted by the office. For more information you may contact 337-984-9636.

If you are a parishioner and interested in joining the Bethany Ministry contact Lead Liaison Anne Patin at  (337) 278-8233.