Holy Cross Life Teen

Life Teen is a program designed with High School students in mind.  Life Teen at Holy Cross encourages teens to establish and maintain their relationship with Jesus Christ through various events such as Life Nights, small groups, group events and retreats.

Life Nights are opportunities for teens to get to know each other and grow in their faith.  There are three basic types of Life Nights: Doctrinal (a.k.a. Catechetical), Issue and Social. Doctrinal nights follow the semester theme and break open a particular tenant of the faith. Issue nights deal with specific “real-world issues” that teens deal with (i.e. drinking, gossip, chastity, etc.). These nights help the teens see how their Catholic faith is relevant to every aspect of their lives. Finally, social nights build Christian community and friendships.

Life Nights are 6:15 pm – 7:30 pm Sundays during the school year. Please see the calendar of events for updated information.